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  • Type: Non-Prescription

ADVANTAGE for Dogs 40/100/250/400 - Pack of 4

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Pack of 4 vials based on dog weight :


The active ingredient in the Advantage Spot-On Solution products for dogs, cats, and pet rabbits is Imidacloprid. This ingredient is present in all the variations of the product, including those for small cats, small dogs, pet rabbits, and various sizes of dogs (Advantage 40, 100, 250, 400)​. Advantage Spot-On is a non-prescription flea treatment.

Select the correct option based on the weight of your dog.

Advantage 40 for Small Cats, Small Dogs and Pet Rabbits - 4Kg or less
Advantage 100 for Dogs 2Kg - 4Kg
Advantage 250 for Dogs 4Kg - 10Kg
Advantage 400 for Dogs 10Kg and up

Advantage Spot-On Solution: Comprehensive Parasite Protection for Pets

The Advantage Spot-On Solution is a powerful, easy-to-apply treatment designed to keep your pets safe from parasites. This range includes four tailored formulas, ensuring the perfect fit for your animal companion, whether they are a small cat, dog, or pet rabbit, or a larger canine.

  1. Advantage 40 mg for Small Cats, Small Dogs, and Pet Rabbits: This formulation is specifically designed for the smallest members of your pet family. Suitable for small cats and dogs weighing under 4 kg, as well as pet rabbits, it effectively combats fleas, providing relief and ongoing protection.

  2. Advantage 100 Spot-On Solution for Dogs: Created for medium-sized dogs weighing between 4 kg and 10 kg, this solution offers robust protection against fleas. Its unique formula works quickly to eliminate fleas and reduces the risk of secondary problems like flea allergy dermatitis.

  3. Advantage 250 Spot-On Solution for Dogs: This product is perfect for larger dogs weighing between 10 kg and 25 kg. It ensures the same fast-acting and long-lasting flea protection, safeguarding your dog’s health and comfort.

  4. Advantage 400 Spot-On Solution for Dogs: For the largest dogs weighing between 25 kg and over, this is the ideal solution. It offers maximum strength flea prevention and treatment, ensuring that even the biggest dogs stay flea-free.

All products in the Advantage range are renowned for their effectiveness, providing rapid relief from fleas within 24 hours of application. The easy-to-use spot-on method means simple, stress-free application for you and your pet. With Advantage, your pet can enjoy uninterrupted protection, maintaining their health and happiness.


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ADVANTAGE for Dogs 40/100/250/400 - Pack of 4