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  • Vendor: VETARK Professional
  • Type: Non-Prescription

Ark-Klens Bird Accommodation Disinfectant & Cleanser

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The Ark-Klens Disinfectant & Cleanser is a potent solution composed of a family of chemicals renowned for their effectiveness against a broad spectrum of bacteria (including E.coli and Salmonella), viruses (such as those with a lipid coating and influenza) and various fungi.

It offers protection against diseases like Psittacosis through its carefully selected blend of Benzalkonium Chloride, ensuring safety during use.

These characteristics render Ark-Klens ideal for the sanitisation of bird and other enclosed animal habitats, and it is equally effective and safe for disinfecting bird and chicken eggs as well as incubators. Its effectiveness against Chlamydia makes it particularly valuable in quarantine scenarios for exotic birds.

While primarily designed for use in animal care, Ark-Klens is also suitable for domestic environments, offering a means to sanitise kitchen surfaces and desks effectively.

Available Size:

  • 250ml Bottle

Key Advantages:

  • A robust veterinary-grade disinfectant that also acts as a detergent and neutralises odours.
  • Offers comprehensive protection against a vast array of bacteria, fungi, and diseases.
  • Ideal for sanitising animal habitats, including cages, hutches, and both food and water containers.
  • Specifically recommended for combatting E. coli, Salmonella, influenza viruses, and Myxomatosis.
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Ark-Klens Bird Accommodation Disinfectant & Cleanser

£11.99 GBP