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Caninsulin 40IU 10ml/2.7ml/2.5ml

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This item requires a Prescription from your Vet.

Caninsulin, an insulin product used for treating diabetes in dogs and cats, requires special considerations for shipping due to its sensitivity to temperature. It should be stored and shipped at a controlled temperature, typically between 2°C and 8°C (35.6°F and 46.4°F). This is crucial because insulin can lose its effectiveness if exposed to extreme temperatures (either too hot or too cold).

Packing & Shipping: Because of the potential damage that can occur during shipping due to extremes of temperature, to maintain the required temperature range Caninsulin is packed in insulated packaging. This often includes the use of coolant packs or gel packs that are pre-chilled but not frozen.

Important: Because of the specialist way in which this product needs to be shipped it is exempt from the 'Free Delivery on orders over £75' offer. Caninsulin may be ordered at the same time as other products, but it cannot be shipped with them and is instead shipped direct, incurring it's own Next Day By 1PM shipping cost of up to £12.50. Please note the additional cost for this specialist packing and direct delivery at checkout.

We strongly advise for your own ease of order tracking that you purchase this product on a separate order containing no other products.

Available Sizes
10 x 2.5ml vial
10 x 2.7ml cartridges
1 x 10ml Suspension

Caninsulin is an intermediate acting insulin product containing porcine insulin, which is structurally identical to canine insulin. Caninsulin can be administered with specific 40 IU sterile single-use syringes (vial) or with a VetPen device (cartridge).

In patients with diabetes mellitus, Caninsulin, which is given by subcutaneous injection, helps to lower the blood glucose levels back towards the normal range and control the signs of diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus is diagnosed by your veterinary surgeon. Owners should work with the diagnosing veterinary surgeon to ensure that they are comfortable with the safe dosing and administration of Caninsulin to their pets, and that they know to monitor and react accordingly to signs of hypoglycaemia. Read all product instructions carefully and use as directed by your vet. Treatment of diabetes mellitus requires regular veterinary monitoring and supervision to establish and maintain the correct dose of Caninsulin for your pet.

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Caninsulin 40IU 10ml/2.7ml/2.5ml