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  • Vendor: Dechra Veterinary Products Limited
  • Type: Prescription Required

Felimazole 1.25mg Tablets Pack of 100

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This product requires a Prescription from your Vet.

Felimazole 1.25mg Tablets are used in the effective treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats. Felimazole attempts to restore normal levels of Thyroxine, the hormone that is responsible for controlling the pace of all bodily processes. In cases of hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone, Thyroxine, which causes biological processes to occur at a greater rate. Felimazole is used in the stabilisation of Thyroxine levels prior to surgical intervention.

When given as directed by your vet, the active ingredient, Thiamazole, affects the synthesis of Thyroxine to lower Thyroid levels, providing a better quality of life for your cat.

Felimazole 1.25mg Tablets are manufactured by Dechra and developed specifically for cats. As such, they must never be used in other animals.

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Felimazole 1.25mg Tablets Pack of 100

£15.59 GBP