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Newmarket Hoof Supplement - 1Kg

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Newmarket Hoof Supplement (1Kg)


The Newmarket Hoof Supplement is a specially formulated complementary feed for horses, designed to support the growth of strong and resilient hoof horn. It is available in a 1kg container, which provides a 100-day supply for a 450kg horse.

Key Ingredients

  • Methionine: 4.7g per 10g scoop - An essential amino acid for hoof health.
  • Calcium: 1.5g per 10g scoop - Important for bone and hoof strength.
  • Cysteine: 100mg per 10g scoop - Another amino acid crucial for hoof health.
  • Zinc: 100mg per 10g scoop - Vital for skin and hoof integrity.
  • Iron: 65mg per 10g scoop - Supports overall health.
  • Copper: 35mg per 10g scoop - Important for connective tissue formation.
  • Biotin: 15mg per 10g scoop - Well-known for improving hoof quality.
  • Iodine: 0.8mg per 10g scoop - Essential for thyroid function.

Feeding Guidelines

  • Ponies (up to 300kg): 5g (half a scoop) daily.
  • Horses (up to 500kg): 10g (one scoop) daily.
  • Horses (over 500kg): 15g (one and a half scoops) daily.


  • Concentrated Formula: Designed for economic use with high levels of vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals.
  • Hoof Health: Promotes the growth of durable, hard-wearing hoof horn.
  • Easy to Administer: Can be easily added to feed once daily.

Additional Information

  • Form: Powder mixed into feed.
  • Packaging: 1kg tub.
  • Suitability: Ideal for all horses, especially those needing extra hoof support.

The Newmarket Hoof Supplement is an effective choice for owners looking to enhance the hoof health of their horses, providing essential nutrients in a concentrated form. Remember to follow the recommended feeding guidelines for optimal results.

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Newmarket Hoof Supplement - 1Kg

£37.00 GBP