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  • Vendor: MSD Animal Health
  • Type: Prescription Required

Vivitonin Tablets for Dogs Pack of 60

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This item requires a Prescription from your Vet.

Vivitonin Tablets alleviate dullness, lethargy, and overall demeanour in dogs. The tablets can be particularly useful as part of a programme to assist ageing dogs find a new lease of life. It may boost their willingness to exercise and improve exercise tolerance as well as helping improve demeanour and brightness.

The active ingrediant, Propentofylline, increases blood flow to the heart and skeletal muslces, helping to revive your dog's youthful spirit. With these properties, Vivtonin can also improve circulation and breathing in older dogs.

Vivitonin Tablets are manufactured by MSD Animal Health and developed specifically for dogs. As such they must never be used in other animals.

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Vivitonin Tablets for Dogs Pack of 60